Sunday, April 26, 2009

30 Days of Night Sequel

Steve Niles recently broke his silence on the possibility of a sequel to the 2007 film, 30 Days of Night that starred Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. He talked with MTV News and revealed not only will there be a sequel to the comic book adapted film, the script is already written. He also reveals that the sequel may be headed for a direct-to-dvd instead of a theatrical release, but remains optimistic of the potential for the comic to become a franchise.

Niles tells MTV, "There will be a sequel. The script is in. I’ve been working on it with a buddy of mine, Ben Ketai, who directed the last round of the online webisodes." He added, "The script is based on ‘Dark Days.’" "Dark Days" was the sequel to the original comic and followed Stella Olemaun (George) as she heads to Los Angeles seeking retribution for her husband Eben's death, from the local L.A. vampire population.

Steve Niles revealed to MTV News that because 30 Days of Night only made a $70 million dollar box office gross, the sequel will most likely face the direct-to-dvd treatment. "We didn’t hit that magic $100 million, but I had a long talk with Sam (Sam Raimi),” Niles devulged. "He called me and just said, ‘Don’t be too quick to judge this direct-to-dvd market, especially with the sci-fi market.’" Niles continued to show hope with the direct-to-dvd market by saying, "This way we’d be able to do all the comics. We won’t have the massive competition of the box office, and theoretically, we could move on to ‘Return to Barrow’ and to the other series and short stories." So it seems we will definately get more 30 Days of Night, but it won't be in theaters, instead on dvd. More news as it develops....

What say you? Will you continue to follow the series on dvd? Did you like the first film? Strikeback...