Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 More Talents Find Inception

Variety is reporting that Christopher Nolan's latest film in works over at Warner Bros., "Incepetion" is in final negotiations with Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Oscar winner, Marion Cotillard to star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the scifi film. Nolan has penned the script and will direct the feature that he has kept under wraps. Production is set to begin this summer with a 2010 scheduled release.

It is believed that DiCaprio will play a CEO type while, Cotillard will play his wife. Ellen Page is linked to be playing DiCaprio's sidekick of sorts, while there is no mention of who Murphy is playing. The film is said to be a contemporary scifi action set within the architecture of the mind. So possibly the film takes place in Murphy's mind. Just pure speculation. One thing is for sure, the cast is outstanding.

What say you? Are intrigued for a non-batman Nolan film? How great is the cast? If you've never seen Danny Boyle's Sunshine with Murphy, check it out! Strikeback...