Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scripting Umbrella Academy

Back in October, I reported that Universal Studios had optioned Gerard Way's comic, "The Umbrella Academy" for a feature film. While at the "Watchmen" premiere Gerard Way, frontman for My Chemical Romance and creator of the Dark Horse comic talked a bit about what is happening with the big screen adaptation over at Universal. Scroll down to see what Way had to say about the upcoming film, it's development and his involvement in pre-production.

First up Gerard Way told Collider the film is being fast-tracked at the studio and that they have hired a screenwriter. "It kinda feels like it's been a little fast-tracked at Universal, the very first "Umbrella Academy" movie," Way explained. He continued to reveal the film's screenwriter, "There's a screenwriter, a great screenwriter named Mark Bomback and he is the guy we love to do it." He added, "So it feels that everything is moving very fast and I think it is."

Gerard Way's first comments lead me to believe that Universal is definately looking at Umbrella Academy as a series and not just a one shot. When Way said, "the very first Umbrella Academy movie" definately nods to more than one. Way just wrapped up his second series of Umbrella Academy called "Dallas" so the series clearly has potential for sequels.

Mark Bomback has previously wrote Live Free Die Hard, the upcoming "Race to Witch Mountain," Deception and Godsend. Way's comments definately point that he has nothing but confidence in Bomback and what he will do with his creation.

Way was asked why he wasn't writing the screenplay himself which he said, "I didn't want to because I felt writing the comic was enough. To me it's done. I don't want to write it again." Way however has been very involved in the entire process throughout. "I've been in every meeting, I helped pick the screenwriter, I went through all that stuff. I've literally been there the whole time." The musician/comic creator eluded that at one point he doesn't want to be as involved, in the hopes, that the hired director can present their own vision to the book. Way said, "I want it to be the director's vision."

What say you? Have you read Way's comic? If not, I highly recommend it. Who should direct Umbrella Academy? Strikeback...