Sunday, March 1, 2009

Musical is Back: Damn Yankees

As Hugh Jackman proclaimed at this year's Oscars, "The musical is back," and in that vein, New Line Cinema has announced they will be remaking the classic 1950's musical and film "Damn Yankees".

The musical will be contemporized and follows a middle-aged baseball fan who makes a pack with the devil in order to help the hapless baseball team beat the Yankees. The fan turned player can break the deal, however the deadline occurs during the World Series. In order to seal his fate, the devil enlists the help of a lost souls and seductress named Lola.

Variety is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal will play Joe Boyd, who makes a faustian deal with the devil. The devil will be played by funny man, Jim Carrey. This will be the first musical for either actor and both parts feel like perfect fits for the two. Gyllenhaal will be perfect as the brooding fan who becomes the long ball hitter for his favorite baseball team. Jim Carrey is an interesting choice as the devil. Hopefully Carrey will not be too over-the-top here in "Damn Yankees," but I wouldn't hold my breath. No casting has been announced for the role of Lola as of yet...

Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel are set to write the script. New Line Cinema will once again go to Hairspray producer's Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to produce the film. Expect to see "Damn Yankees" in theaters sometime in 2010.

What say you? Fan of the musical? Have you seen the play or film in some form before? How will this musical hold up being updated to current times? The original musical the baseball team was the Washington Senators, who will the current version be? Strikeback...