Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Megan Fox Lands 2 Comic Roles

Fanboys can rejoice that Megan Fox has been cast in both Warner Brothers "Jonah Hex" and Fox Atomic's "Fathom". Both are comic book films that one of which will see Megan Fox in swimwear or lack there of for a majority of the film. I am sure the internet is flooded with lame boner references, but I am far less enthusiastic, as I have been since last September when I first broke this story. Megan Fox may be some very nice eye candy, but a quality actress she is not.

THR reports that Fox will play Leila, the love interest to Hex in "Jonah Hex," which being directed by Jimmy Haward. "Jonah Hex" is set to begin lensing in April with John Malkovich as the villain trying to raise an army of the undead in order to liberate the South. Having Megan Fox in a supporting role seems like a no brainer. It is the second casting that may be the film's undoing.

"Fathom" is a great comic that follows Aspen, a young girl who is discovered at sea and can only remember her name. Aspen is adopted by the captain of the ship and grows up being surrounded and captivated by the ocean. She earns a degree in Marine Biology participates in Summer Olympics and becomes employed by a top-secret underwater research lab called DMD, Deep Marine Discovery. During her employment with DMD, Aspen learns that she is infact a member of a aquatic race called the Blue who have the ability to manipulate water.

Megan Fox being casted as Aspen is huge! It will be her movie. The question is, can Megan Fox carry an entire film? It is highly doubtful. Like I said before, she is great eye candy, but as the lead? I am having visions of Halle Berry's Catwoman. The positive is Fox is a dead-match for Aspen in the comics. Megan Fox has Fox Atomic's "Jennifer's Body" releasing this year, so the studio most definately has a bit more confidence in her than I.

What say you? Will Megan Fox be able to carry Fathom? Use your real head gentlemen! Strikeback...