Sunday, March 1, 2009

Zombie Reveals H2 Set Pics

Rob Zombie has finished his first week of shooting "H2" the sequel to his re-envisioning of Jon Carpenters Halloween. Zombie's follow-up is said to directly follow the events from his first Halloween film and will somewhat follow the basic story from Carpenter's sequel.

Thursday and Friday of last week, Zombie posted on his official MySpace page two brand new images of Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode as she gets carted into Haddonfield General. Zombie reflects on his posting by saying, "Let's just say this is the best part of her stay. The worst is yet to come." Hospital's are already creepy and then you add the fact that Michael Myers is roaming the very same place. Yeah, times for Laurie are going to get a helluva lot worse!

Rob Zombie's work on the first film was very good, I had my beef's with it, but regardless I enjoyed the hell out of it. I can't say I am not excited for the sequel, I am very amped to see what Zombie will do next with my favorite horror icon. One disappointing factor is the August 2009 release date, It's Halloween, release the damn movie on that date please! At the very minimum, Zombie has injected a breath of freash air into Halloween. It seems everyone, who wasn't killed off, is returning to the sequel including (just announced) Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis. Enough chatter, checkout the gritty set photos below...

Click either images for higher resolution
What say you? How gritty are these first images of the bloody Laurie Strode? How bout that chipped tooth? Will you be seeing the Rob Zombie sequel? Strikeback...