Friday, March 6, 2009

Fanning Set for The Runaways

Ever heard of The Runaways? Maybe not, but they were the first all girl rock band that featured both Joan Jett and Lita Ford. The band had a successful but short lived career from 75-79 including the mega-hit "Cherry Bomb." River Road Entertainment had previously greenlit a bio-pic for the novelty group with Twillight's Kristen Stewart set to play Joan Jett and writer/director Floria Sigismondi in the director's chair. This week came news that Stewart's "New Moon" co-star, Dakota Fanning will play The Runaways lead singer, Cheri Currie.

Cheri Currie was a 15 year old David Bowie-esque performer who generally performed in all lingerie clothing and later became wrapped up in heavy drug addiction and the typical rock partying lifestyle leading to her leaving the band shortly before the band broke up. Dakota Fanning is the exact same age as Currie, when she joined the band. Fanning furthermore is almost a dead-ringer for the young Currie, who now enjoys creating ice sculptures with a chainsaw.

Fanning definately is showing in her choice of roles that she is growing up. First she is raped in Hound Dog and now she will play the lingerie-clad Cheri Currie in "The Runaways." The role should definately allow Fanning to branch out and get away from her cutesy phaze. Especially if she dawns the same wardrobe Cheri did back in the 70s. Fanning will also be comfortable in the role considering her and Kristen Stewart will be films two films back to back with each other.

"The Runaways" is set to start production in late spring. The film is being produced by Bill Pohlad, John Linson and Art Linson with Joan Jett serving as executive producer. The roles of Lita Ford, Sandy West and Vicki Blue have yet to be cast. More news to follow as it becomes available.

Checkout the video of The Runaways performing Cherry Bomb in Japan below....

What say you? Does The Runaways sound like something you'd go see? Do you remember Cheri Currie and Vicki Blue's cameo in This is Spinal Tap?