Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rumormill NPH as Flash!

The whoppers just keep coming! First, scoop came yesterday that the Wachowski brothers may helm a Superman trilogy, then we find out that a music video director Samuel Bayer is stepping up to the plate for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and now comes news that Neil Patrick Harris is in talks to play the Flash in the DC comic movie adaptation. Yes, that's right, Doogie Howser himself just may dawn the red speedster jumpsuit!

Word is out that two actors infact are being heavily considered for the role. One feels like a no brainer and the other just doesn't cut it. Screen Rant reports that Neil Patrick Harris and Scott Porter have become the leading candidates to play the once named Scarlet Speedster. Scott Porter in pretty much an unknown and would cost next to nothing for Warner to acquire, so I can see the interest, but he will bring the same in revenue. Porter played Rex Racer in the Wachowski's Speed Racer and can be also seen in a frequent role on television's "Friday Night Lights." While he seems like a suitable actor, he is no Neil Patrick Harris.

NPH just feels like the perfect fit for the superhero who can violate the laws of physics. Neil Patrick Harris will be able to tackle both the lighter elements to West's character and also the darker tones that WB has eluded they intend on going with their superhero frnachises. The hilarious actor with two first names also brings to the table a fanbase that will be onboard to watch just about anything NPH is in. Truely comic book loyalist would also embrace Neil Patrick Harris in the role.

Let's hope this rumor pan's out. More news to come as in unfolds.

What say you? Is Neil Patrick Harris perfect for Wally West or what? Is the Flash a superhero you want to see on the bigscreen? Strikeback...