Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rockwell on Trial in "Waters"

Attach Sam Rockwell to anything and I am interested. He is genuinely a outstanding actor who has proven time and time again he demands attention. Rockwell is being reported by THR to have execepted a role in "Betty Anne Waters." The true story follows a single mother who after her brother is sentenced to life in jail, spend a decade obtaining her law degree and defending his innocence.

"Betty Anne Waters" also stars Hillary Swank playing Sam Rockwell's sister who defends him after his trial and Minnie Driver, who has a undisclosed role in the film. "Betty Anne Waters" begins shooting this month and is being directed by Tony Goldwyn and financed by Omega Entertainment. The screenplay was written by Pamela Gray with the final shooting draft completed by Richard LaGravenese. Swank will also serve as executive producer on the film.

The concept of the film is nothing new, but having Rockwell, Swank and Driver on board definately bolsters the anticipation for the law driven film. Law or courts driven films can generally feel like been there done that, but Rockwell instantly makes me interested to see how this film ends up. More news as it unfolds....

What say you? Is Sam Rockwell an actor you seek out in film? Hillary Swank Hot or not? Strikeback...