Monday, February 16, 2009

Review - Bride Wars

Two best friends had always dreamed about having June weddings at the Plaza Hotel. When both become engaged days within each other they quickly move to reserve a spot at the highly sought after venue. After scheduling error, the best friends find themselves bitter enemies ending up with the exact same wedding date at the Plaza Hotel.

13 Going on 30 director Gary Winick, delivers a whimsical comedy revolving around two friends who retort to sabotaging the others wedding. "Bride Wars" while being a completely generic and predictable comedy, is rather enjoyable, generating more than a few laughs throughout the 89 minute film. The writing is mediocre and the situations created within the story are nothing new, but Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson together portray hilarious rivals who will stop at nothing to see their wedding day be the most special. The result is a light-hearted comedy that was surprisingly entertaining.

Anne Hathaway plays Emma, a sweet natured middle school teacher who takes care of everyone and has saved away for her wedding day at the Plaza Hotel since she was sixteen. Her bestfriend Liv (Kate Hudson), is a type-A personality lawyer, who is power driven always trying to have complete control and her way in any situation. When the clerical error forces the two best friends to have the same wedding day unless one gives up their dream wedding both Hathaway and Hudson become a joy to watch on screen. In true Spy vs. Spy or Tom & Jerry fashion, the girls begin a hilarious onslaught of strategies to ruin the other's special day. Each of the warring bridezilla's shenanigans are funny and well played by both Hudson and Hathaway, especially the blue hair and orange skin.

"Bride Wars" does remain utterly predictable throughout, however the performances of Hathaway and Hudson are entertaining. The over the top humor involved in the catfighting between the two long-time friends was unfortunately realistic, but was a nice change to the routine wedding movie. Cadince Bergen playing Marion St. Claire was a nice treat, but she definately was nothing compared to Martin Short in Father of the Bride. Overall "Bride Wars" was a typical "chick-flick" that I assumed would be a terror to sit through, but instead ended up being a pleasant comedy that I would most definately watch again.