Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Confirmed No Crimson Dynamo

While on set for Guy Ritchie's newest film starring Robert Downey Jr. "Sherlock Holmes," the actor denied that Crimson Dynamo is apart of the script. Downey Jr. told a MTV reporter that Mickey Rourke could very well play a villain in "Iron Man 2", but it will definately not be Crimson Dynamo.

Unfortunately this story does not continue to tell us that Rourke has finally signed on to "Iron Man 2" in some form, whoever the villain is. Robert Downey Jr., however would be absolutely thrilled if he does. RDJ enthusiastically said, "If he's signed on to do it, I am super excited!" Continuing on Downey Jr. commented, "If he's in "Iron Man 2," we have a fantastic shot at doing something interesting."

Robert Downey Jr. was then asked if he Rourke would be playing Crimson Dynamo in the film and Downey Jr's comments confirm what I have said all along. "That's actually incorrect." It would seem redundant to bring in Crimson Dynamo, when he is essentially just another Iron Monger-esque villain, Favreau has already set that up with War Machine. MTV then pushed to see it Whiplash is infact the baddie, Rourke is up for. Robert Downey Jr's comments were as slippery as any politicians, "I can neither confirm nor deny that." RDJ gets a bit sarcastic and adds, "Here, I can tell you everything about the story except I won’t give away the ending." He summed up his knowledge of the development by saying, "The nerd stuff is top-drawer security."

So for now, we definately know Crimson Dynamo is not the next villain in "Iron Man 2." Will Mickey Rourke sign on, is left to question. I truely believe that Favreau is not going to let Rourke slip threw his fingers and he will sign on closer to a shooting date. As for RDJ's criptic answer about Whiplash, it's whiplash, end of story.

What say you? Will Iron Man 2 be villain overload? Is it important that Rourke is the baddie? Who would be your next pick for the role? Strikeback...