Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ratner Ruins Another Comic

Comic book properties are huge lately and production companies have been vying for any titles that have any fame or remotely popularity to get in on the latest craze. Reliance Big Entertainment has scooped up the property rights on Rob Liefeld’s graphic novel "Youngblood". The immensely bad news of this story is that Relaince Big has sought out Brett Ratner to direct the adaptation.

Ratner is a hack and should not be allowed to do anything other than sequels to Rush Hour. The guy is apparently going to destroy Conan, he's already mucked up X-Men and now Youngblood! Lame, real lame, Hollywood! No one else is available? Who the fuck says, "I know Ratner is perfect for the job," who? Brett Ratner told Variety how excited he was to be onbaord the project (lord knows he's the only one). He said, "Most of the great graphic novels are gone, and ‘Youngblood’ is one of the few comicbooks left with tentpole potential. It was a real personal passion project for me, and a lot of people wanted (‘Youngblood’), but the amazing thing about the guys at Reliance is the speed with which they’re able to move." It had tentpole potential, past tense Ratner, with you on board. Very sad to see this hack rape yet another beloved book to thousands of fans.

Youngblood was a high-profile superteam sanctioned and overseen by the United States Government. The members of Youngblood include Shaft, a former FBI agent and archer whose bow uses magnets to propel its arrow instead of a string; Badrock, a teenager transformed into a living block of stone; Vogue, a Russian fashion model with purple-and-chalk-white skin; and Chapel, a government assassin. The series, which was Image Comics flagship for quite some time, ran steadily starting back in 1992 and has been rumored to be revamped for the past couple of years. Famed comic novelist Alan Moore even wrote a couple issues for Liefeld in hopes to revamp the series in the late 1990's.

What say you? Does Ratner directing Youngblood destroy any hope it could be good? Does anyone want to defend ratner's honor? Strikeback...