Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Plee for Hellraiser Reimaging

Clive Barker's legendary horror film Hellraiser is one of the next iconic horror franchise's to recieve the reboot treatment. One person who is extremely touchy about the production of the remake is Gary J. Tunnicliffe, who is an FX artist, that has worked on hordes of horror films including as recent as My Bloody Valentine 3D and a long time effects designer for the Hellraiser series. If anyone should have a say so on the reimaging of a more "hardcore" Pinhead, he most definately deserves a shot. Tunnicliffe, having not been approached to work on the upcoming project, has taken it upon himself to push his reimagining of Pinhead and I have all the details for you below.

It seems that Tunnicliffe has been left pretty much left in the dark since last year when he decided that he had better put his two cents in on how he felt Pinhead should look in the upcoming reboot being directed by Pascal Laugier. Tunnicliffe had previously put together some test footage, took some photos and sent it off to the Weinstien Co. This brings us to present day, in what Tunnicliffe calls his "swan song," he has given an exclusive look to Fangoria that includes his test footage and photos sent to the studio responsible for the remake. Tunnicliffe hopes that in the very least his reimaging stimulates discussion.

Sure, what he really wants is to be hired for the project, but as he himself says he maybe, "too close to the material." What he has done is given fans of Hellraiser a possible reason to hate whatever comes of the remake it the look is terrible Tunnicliffe's design is pretty damn good for a iconic character who already had a flawless design. I have heard people baulk in the past the Pinhead's gothic threads were a tad over the top and here in Tunnecliffe's design the preistly robes are a nice change. They give a satanic impact that the sudo-goth design of the past failed to achieve. Checkout the full size images below and the test footage called, "Project Angel: Recreating an Icon" Tunnecliffe created with his FX design shop Two Hours in the Dark Inc.

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To see the test footage and the rest of the photos head over to Fangoria.

What say you? Do you like Tunnecliffe's design? Should he be hired for the remake? Strikeback...