Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jonah Hex has it's Villain!

One person who always makes a film worth watching is John Malkovich. The guy has his own movie for christ sake! Today Variety is reporting that Mr. Malkovich has signed on to star in "Jonah Hex" as the lead villain, Quentin Turnbull.

Quentin Turnbull or originally only known as the man with the eagle-topped cane, is the most recognized villain of the DC comic. Turnbull is a wealthy virginian plantation owner who has sworn revenge upon Jonah Hex for the death of his son during the Civil War. Jonah and Turnbull's son Jeb, were best friends and joined the Civil War together. Hex was later framed as being a turncoat during the final stages of the War, which resulted in a number of his fellow Confederate soldiers (including Jeb) being slaughtered by Union soldiers. Turnbull has always been a mastermind type character, who would hired others to do his dirty work, including El Papagayo and The Chameleon.

Malkovich is a perfect match for Quentin Turnbull and having he and Josh Brolin sharing screen time is sure to tickle the senses. Brolin of course, is playing Jonah Hex, the ex-confederate soldier turned bounty hunter that is brutally scarred on one side of his face. "Jonah Hex" is being directed by Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears a Who!) from Crank screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's script. The film is set to begin production for Warner Brothers in April.

What say you? How great is the addition of Malkovich to Jonah Hex? Can we speculate that El Papagayo and The Chameleon or at the very least one of them will also be in the movie adaptation? Strikeback....