Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green Lantern has 007 Director

We haven't heard much on the "Green Lantern" for quite some time now, but that all changes for the better today! Various sources are reporting that Casino Royale director Martin Campbell, is in final negotiations to helm the popular DC comic.

"Green Lantern" will be a large scale film and Martin Campbell seems very able to take the project and deliver a great film going experience. What he has done with both of the 007 films he did, Golden Eye and more recently Casino Royale, at minimum solidifies he will do justice to "Green Lantern." Bringing Martin Campbell on board shows that Warner Bros. definately have upped the ante on all of their DC comic properties and are not willing to just hire any director that will take the job. If all goes as planned "Green Lantern" will be the next DC comic to hit the big screen for WB.

In other DC comic news, Warner is also currently developing "Jonah Hex" with Josh Brolin attached to star and Jimmy Heward (Jonah Hex) set to direct.

What say you? Is Martin Campbell the right guy for Green Lantern? Is Campbell just a strong choice or the best choice? He definatley has grown since his work on the Antonio Banderas Zorro series. Strikeback....