Monday, February 2, 2009

Get Smart 2....Unnecessary!

Unfortunately, "Get Smart 2" is coming our way. Get Smart wasn't all that bad, but it definately wasn't great or deserving a sequel! Since when has that ever stopped Hollywood? IESB spoke with Chuck Roven about a few various projects he has his hands in and he commented a bit on the progress on the sequel to the 2008 film.

Roven told IESB that they are in early scripting stages on the film and that everyone is attached to return for the sequel. Oh joy, I can't wait! (Yes, that is sarcasm) So how soon will we get a chance to watch Agent 86 and 99 in action again? Roven said, "We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to get that into production in Spring of 2010." So, I gues that would mean a late 2010 release or early 2011, if all goes according to plan.

Steve Carell is a hilarious comedian, but similair to Will Ferrell, he could quickly fall into a typecast. Some would argue, he has already. I mean outside of Dan in Real Life and Little Miss Sunshine, Carell always plays a bumbling idiot. Dont get me wrong Michael Scott is one of the best things on the American version of "The Office" and no one can forget characters like Brick Tamland and Andy Stitzer, but the schtick is getting a tad tiresome. It would be nice to see Carell branching out instead of running the well dry, on the sole character that got him noticed.

What say you? Are you pumped for more Get Smart? Do you share my opinion that Carell should do a few more drama's to even out the typecast? Strikeback...