Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday the 13th Sequel News

The next story seemed inevitable...THR reports that Damian Shannon and Mark Swift are currently penning a sequel to Platinum Dunes most recent success, Friday the 13th. The reboot has made $72 million worldwide since opening on the 13th and despite a huge 80% percent drop off in ticket sales it's second week, the script writers are working on developing a follow-up film.

The Friday the 13th reboot had a small budget of only $19 million and with already trippling the production costs, it is no doubt that Platinum Dunes has already re-hired the duo to pen a sequel. Although Platinum Dunes won't call it a sequel. Instead they are calling it a follow-up to the remake.

You might be saying, "what the hell is the difference?" Well the remake/reboot focused on the first three or four films in the original franchise and intend to use the original series as a jumping off point instead of following it as a template. What does that mean? Platinum Dunes is not keen on continuing with all of the terrible Jason sequels that followed the first few. Meaning, no Jason in space or manhattan for that matter and certainly not hell!

No official green light has been given to the project as of yet, but Damian Shannon and Mark Swift are definately hammering out a script, while Platinum Dunes is working on their new remake/reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street. The best one can hope for is a late 2010 release date for the next installment of Friday the 13th. More news as it becomes available....

What say you? Do you want to see more Friday the 13th? Where should the writers take the story if they do not follow the original films? Strikeback...