Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Epic News for Superman!!

Prepare yourself for a bit of a shock....This scoop is eyepopping and extremely alarming to say the least. One of the AICN insiders, Ballack, has a huge scoop on the status of Superman over at Warner Brothers. He is reporting that executives at Warner Bros have approached the Wachowski Brothers to a helm a Superman trilogy!

That's right, the Wachowski brothers, the directors who brought us The Matrix trilogy and last year's Speed Racer may end up directing a 3 picture deal of the Man of Steel. Bryan Singer has reportedly refused to continue with the Superman franchise, which left WB execs looking in other directions.

When I first read this story, I didn't know what to think. My initial reaction was, "what the fuck, seriously?" These guys are going to take all of the drama right out of Superman and leave him with nothing but crazy visuals and action. The more I thought about it however, the Wachowski's honestly feel like a perfect choice to inject what is needed, for Superman to succeed. Warner alread tried the thoughtful perspective on the alien from Krypton with Singer, I think we all remember that didn't blow over too well. The Wachowski's are a team that have the potential to make Superman an amazing trilogy or it could easily become a complete disaster like Frank Miller's The Spirit. I really hope the Wachowski's if signed to a deal would deliver the first suggestion over the later.

WB needed a big name director or directors that are available now. This week it was rumored McG is in talks to direct "Superman," but he will be tied up with Terminator triolgy and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for a couple years to come. The Wachowski's thrive in visuals and intense action, so there is no doubt they will be giving Superman the steriod injection he needs. They also have an established fanbase, that is likely to watch anything the Wachowski's put out with their names attached.

The Wachowski's along with director James McTeigue have just finished "Ninja Assassin" which should find itself with a late summer release and were developing "Plastic Man," another DC comic, for Warner. If the deal is made for "Superman" the Wachowski's would in turn only produce "Plastic Man" leaving them available to direct "Superman." James McTeigue said of the Wachowski's directing Superman, "the very thought of the brothers making a superman movie is unbelievable as they have grown up in the world of comic books and they would be ideal for the project." One other nugget McTeigue seemed very interested with is with the Wachowski's taking over "Superman" it leaves him well poised to take over the director duties for "Plastic Man" if WB decides to unlock it's hiatus.

Ballack also reports that Bryan Singer intends to move forward with a remake of "Logan's Run" rather than continuing on with Superman.

What say you? This is a polarizing scoop, where do you side? Do you think the Wachowski's could pull off a great Superman trilogy? Will this deal pan out? Strikeback...