Monday, February 2, 2009

Bale Raged on Terminator Set!

Christian Bale is an intense actor to say the least, apparently he isn't just intense on screen but also behind the scenes on set. TMZ today has some recorded audio of Bale coming unglued on set because a DP (Director of Photography) had walked through a scene being shot.

The audio comes from last July when "Terminator Salvation" was shooting on location in Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico. TMZ reports that the audio clip was taken just a few days before Bale allegedly pushed his mother. The audio is pretty damn shocking to listen to. It definately sets a tone, that Bale is not one to fuck with while shooting. Eventhough we weren't there, it is pretty hard not to think that Bale is taking things a bit too far. Bale goes on for close to 3 minutes of completely demeaning the DP Shane Hurlbut (like dude hasn't been picked on enough with that name), in front of, what TMZ reports as "several hundred people." He doesn't allow the guy to get a word in edge wise, from what you can hear, and instead comtinues to tell him he will "I'm gonna kick your fucking ass man!" and "Shut the fuck up!" Click the link to hear Bale go apeshit on set!

What say you? Does Bale go to far? Is this the first you've heard of Bale intense attitude on set? Would you want to work with him after hearing him explode? Is this sound bite taken out of context? Strikeback....