Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sundance and Rockwell

Sundance begins tomorrow and this year's annual event looks to host a quite a galla of quality films. While the hectic scheduling has always seemed daunting, this year it is a real bummer to not be on the next flight to, Park City Utah. One actor who is on his way to the acclaimed film festival is Sam Rockwell, who is no stranger to the occasion. The talented actor has spent the better half of the last decade in films presented at Sundance and this year is no different for Rockwell. He in fact has two films screening during the two week festival, both of which, looking freaking outstanding.

Sam Rockwell recently spoke with MTV about returning to the yearly film festival with his two newest films. Rockwell said he be heading from New York to Utah friday. "I’m in New York, going there Friday night. Going there for a week," Rockwell said. When asked how many times the esteemed actor had been to the festival he replied, "This is either five or six for me. I’ve lost track." Rockwell was asked what he generally brings for the trip and he returned the question in what seems to be a throwback to his role from last year's Choke, by saying, "A lot of condoms. Chaps. A thong. Cowboy hat. I’m ready to go!" Acting a little more serious, Rockwell added, "I’ve had good times. I’ve had bad times. I’ve laughed and cried. It can be a real ride."

Both films that Rockwell has screening at Sundance, he is the lead and both look damn good. First up is a film that I have been anticipating since early last year titled, "Moon". Directed by Duncan Jones, "Moon" is a scifi thriller that see's a helium miner (Rockwell) isolated on the Moon for 3 years. The film looks to have a nostalgic scifi feel that quickly remindes me of 2001: A Space Odyssey or Alien. When asked about the film by MTV Rockwell commented by saying, "It’s a Sam extravaganza." The actor continued to jest, "it is the Sam Rockwell show." Honestly, I couldn't be happier about it, Sam Rockwell and a scifi throwback, count me in! The actor continued on the film and his interest in seeing the final project, "[‘Moon’ is] a really cool movie. It was a bit terrifying when it sunk in that I had to do this. I saw a rough cut but I haven’t seen it with the special effects. I’m really excited to see it." So am I Sam, so I am.

Rockwell's second film presented at Sundance this year is "The Winning Season". A Indiana based basketball film that Rockwell plays the alcoholic head coach of a all girl team. Bill is a divorced, down and out coach who is given a shot at redemption, by coaching the all girl team. "The Winning Season" is directed by James C. Strouse (Grace is Gone) and the sharp tongued comedy stars Sam Rockwell along with Emma Roberts, Rob Corddry, Shareeka Epps and Emily Rios. Rockwell told MTV a little bit about the shooting of "The Winning Season". He commented, "We shot [‘The Winning Season’] all over the different boroughs [in New York]. We were faking Indiana in Staten Island." When asked of how he prepared for his role as the coach he snarked, "I’m an alcoholic coach. It comes naturally to me."

What say you? Are you a Rockwell fan? Either film perk your interest? Did you see last year's Choke? For more on "Moon", checkout these 5 Exclusive Clips! Strikeback....