Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scott Pilgrim Casting Storm

Edgar Wright's next film is based of a pretty popular comic "Scott Pilgrim" and in the last days the casting engine is moving at a rapid speed! "Scott Pilgrim" follows a 23 year old Canadian slacker/hero who plays bass guitar for a local Tornoto indie band "Sex Bomb-Omb." Scott falls in love with Ramona V. Flowers, but before he may date her, he must defeat all seven of her evil exes. Four books of eight have been published with the fifth book called Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe due in February. The film, written by Michael Bacall is titled after the second book "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and if all goes well, is set to release late this year with shooting starting by early March.

Here's a roundup of all the casting news that has come fast and steady. Wright looks to have rounded out the cast quite nicely and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" has the makings of a sure cult classic at the very least.

Main Characters:

Michael Cera - Scott Pilgrim (Bass player for Sex Bomb-Omb and dishwasher at Happy Avocado)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Romona V Flowers (Pilgrim's main love interest)
Kieran Culkin - Wallace Wells (Scott's gay roommate)
Mark Webber - Stephen Stills (Lead Singer and Guitar of Sex Bomb-Omb)
Alison Pill - Kimberly "Kim" Pine (Drummer of Sex Bomb-Omb)

Supporting Characters:

Johnny Simmons - "Young" Neil Nordegraf (Sex Bomb-Omb biggest fan and Stills roommate)
Aubrey Plaza - Julie Powers (Stephen Stills on and off again girlfriend)
Anna Kendrick - Stacey Pilgrim (Scott's younger sister)
Brie Larson - Envy Adams (Scott's ex-girlfriend and lead singer to rival band "The Clash At Demonhead")

Ramona's Evil Exes:

Satya Bhabha - Matthew Patel (1st evil ex-boyfriend, has mystical powers that include summoning Demon Hipster Girls)
Chris Evans - Lucas Lee (2nd evil boyfriend, he is a pro-skater turned actor)
Brandon Routh - Todd Ingram (3rd evil ex-boyfriend, has psychic vegan powers and bass player for rival band "The Clash At Demonhead")

Still left to cast:

Knives Chau (an ex of Scott who is still in love with him and is dating Young Neil, usually hangs with Sex Bomb-Omb)
Roxanne Ritcher (4th evil ex and is half ninja)

What say you? Does Scott Pilgrim vs The World casting frenzy intice you? All we need now is some amazing music to make up the band's music. With Edgar Wright how could this not be awesome? Di dyou catch that Scott Pilgrim is filled with musical and videogame references? Strikeback...