Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ram at Wrestlemania!?!

Leave it to Vince McMahon to rape an amazing film of all it's redeeming qualities, just to make a quick buck! It appears that the owner and C.E.O. of WWE has offered Mickey Rourke an opportunity to appear as Rodney "The Ram" Robinson at Wrestlemania 25. It get's worse....Yes, Mickey Rourke is actually conisdering doing this. Here's the lowdown...

While at the SAG Awards last night, Rourke revealed to Access Hollywood that he has been asked to participate in Wrestlemania 25. "The boys from the WWE called me and asked me to do it," Rourke commented. He then added, "I said, ‘I want to.’ I’m talking with [WWE legend] Rowdy Roddy Piper about it." In usual WWE flare Rourke growled, "Chris Jericho, you better get in shape... Because I’m coming after your ass!" Oh boy...

First off, this whole endeavor is nothing but a cheap way to get some money for both Rourke and McMahon. As publicized, McMahon's insiders have said the WWE boss disliked the film and were quoted as saying, "the word negative isn't strong enough to describe Vince's reaction." That isn't a surprise considering McMahon denies the reality that Darren Aronofsky's film presents. Vince McMahon will deny up and down the obvious and accurate image that "The Wrestler" presents of professional wrestling. Regardless of McMahon's opinion of the film, the shrewd businessman knows when he see's an opportunity for some extra revenue, and he has jumped at it!

Vince McMahon's actions are not surprising in the slightest, Rourke's however are a bit puzzling. The talented actor finally has some notarity again and he is going to muck it up with is? What for? Attending Wrestlemania will do little to highten his Oscar chances, it would more likely do more to lessen them. Mickey Rourke undoubtbly will recieve a nice payout plus some ppv money, but is it worth cheapening the pinnacle performance of 2008?

On the other hand, the idea of seeing Rodney "The Ram" Robinson actually wrestle at a venue like Wrestlemania, is pretty damn luring. I hate to say it, but it is true! I loved "The Wrestler" and I was a huge fan of professional wrestling, for close to twenty years, so the enticement is there. Imagine Rourke coming down the runway with his Oscar in hand ready to beat the shit out of Chris Jericho? Priceless...I think so!

So as the post clearly points out, I am completely perplexed. I hate the fact that McMahon wants to make a quick buck on a film he hated, but see's the marketing dollars, but the idea of actually seeing a live match of The Ram is pretty damn cool!

What say you? Yes or No? Would you buy the PPV event if The Ram is on the bill? Will Rourke actually wrestle? Strikeback....