Friday, January 9, 2009

Raimi Spins Spidey Villain Web

"Spider-Man 4" isn't slated to release till May 2011, but that didn't stop Sam Raimi from starting the speculation machine on who the newest villain will be in the next feature film. Raimi told Empire Magazine, “I like it in the Marvel comics when Spider-Man fights Morbius,” said Raimi.

Hold the phone, did Sam Raimi just say Morbius? Oh no, it appears Raimi's Evil Dead days may be dripping over into Spider-Man. I dont think mixing the two-genres is a great idea and the comics of Morbius vs. Spidey were always lacking to say the least. Not to mention that vampires are on a bit of overkill right now with Twilight, HBO's True Blood, and the usual constant onslaught of vampire films each year. Unfortunately, Raimi thinks otherwise he continued by saying, “He’s really cool. A vampire! I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural.”

One thing to conisder is Morbius character in Spider-Man lore, is very closely aligned with the Lizard. So the two of them could very possibly be in the same film, utilizing some of the same research. Morbius is a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist that discovered he had a rare blood disorder, where his blood cells would dissolve. Dr. Michael Morbius secretly begins working on a cure, which of course he uses vampire bats, as the main source of his research. He later uses electrical shocks in combination with the vampire bat serum, which transformed Michael's body into a vampire-like being. He learns his abilities are super human strength, accelerated heeling, heightened agility, speed, reflexes and senses. He also had sharp claws and fangs resembling a vampire. Lastly, Morbius bones are hollow allowing him the ability to glide on air currents. Much like a vampire, Morbius must feed on blood for his strength, his thirst for blood becomes his ultimate dilemma forcing him to constantly searching for a antidote.

Morbius is a real bad choice for a couple reasons! He and Lizard are essentially the same and Raimi has already had two films of ground work with setting up Dr. Curtis Connors aka The Lizard. So why include him? Will Raimi have the two of them working together? Didn't he realize that the villain team-up didn't go over too well last time around? Kraven The Hunter would seem like more of a logical choice, if another team-up is a foot, which let's hope there's not! Why not Mysterio or another crack at Kingpin? Even Electro or Vulture sound like better villains than Morbius.Why not try a superhero team-up in the next Spider-Man? Remember Spidey's in New York and so is Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. I'd love to see Spidey teamup with Daredevil and take down the Kingpin.

Raimi who sounds like he is just randomly talking about his favorite Spidey villains within this quote, could definately just be stirring the speculation pot here. Enticing all of us who scour the net and sources looking for new tidbits to report. If Raimi does indeed really like Morbius, I am more for him doing that, then say being forced to do a character he hates. Does anyone remember Venom? Sam Raimi did not want to include Venom and was forced to by studio executives and look how that turned out. I would be much more inclined to allow him to do something he wants rather than what the studio wants, even if it is a lame vampire Spider-Man villain.

What do you think? Should Morbius be the next Spider-Man villain? Is Raimi merely speculating or should we put some weight behind this quote?


I agree with Schofizzy...a Kingpin Daredevil mashup would be legit!