Monday, January 12, 2009

Hudgens Howls in New Moon?

Twilight has come and gone and now the hype machine machine has switched gears to its upcoming sequel, "New Moon." It appears that the "High School Musical" starlett Vanessa Hudgens has auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater. Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen told MTV that she would love to co-star with Hudgens.

Leah Clearwater is the only female werewolf in the history of the Quileute tribe, who transforms along with her brother into a werewolf in New Moon. Leah's character is extremely bitter and is a constant thorn in the side of the pack and Jacob, who she repeatidly reminds, that Bella is in love with a vampire and could soon become one if her and Edward stay together.

Casting Vanessa Hudgens as Leah Clearwater seems like a logical choice. Especially from a marketing standpoint. She and High School Musical are huge and to bring her into the Twilight series would only add to the already large number of Twilight fans out there. Landing Hudgens, would essentially shore up the Disney generation into becoming Twilight fans. Seems like a no brainer. Does she have the chops to play a bitter antagonist, instead of the sweetheart remains to be seen, but on marketing alone the answer seems simple.

What say you? Should Vanessa Hudgens be in "New Moon" as the only female werewolf? Does she have what it takes? Do you even care? Strikeback...