Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ghost Rider Sequel Revving Up

If you were a fan of Marvel's "Ghost Rider" released in 2007, you're in luck! Columbia Pictures have announced they are currently seeking writers to pen a sequel. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Nicolas Cage will return in the role of Johnny Blaze for the sequel as well.

I enjoyed Ghost Rider quite a bit, sure it had flaws, but it was none the less an enjoyable ride. With a sequel currently in development it is time to make very clear that someone other than Mark Steven Johnson should direct it. This guy has done so-so jobs on both Daredevil and Ghost Rider, let someone who can really knock our socks off take a crack at it. It's not that Mark Steven Johnson is terrible with comic movies, he just does not allow the character to live up to their full potential. Both Daredevil and Ghost Rider could have been so much better, so let's not waste any time with the sequel and keep Mark Steven Johnson as far away from the project as possible!

The fact that Columbia Pictures is currently seeking writers bodes well of no Johnson return. Mark Steven Johnson did write and direct both of his other efforts. Let's hope Columbia takes a new road with the sequel and makes a much different and less campy Ghost Rider sequel.

What say you? Will see you another Ghost Rider? Should Nic Cage stay Johnny Blaze? Do you like the campy or should the sequel be given a darker tone? Strikeback...