Friday, January 23, 2009

Fanning Vamped for New Moon?

Summit Entertainment is gearing up to begin shooting on "New Moon" and it appears that they have reached out to, not so child-star anymore, Dakota Fanning for a role in the Stephenie Meyer adaptation. E! Online is reporting that they have "outright" offered the role of Jane to the almost 15 year old actress.

Fanning who can be next seen in "Push" releasing next month, has not auditioned for the role of Jane at all, but Summit Entertainment has just simply offered the role to her straight out. Fanning has yet to except, but let's hope she does. Jane is one of the 32 member Volturi, who are over three thousand years old and are considered the protectors of keeping vampires secret from humans. As explained in Twilight, each vampire has different special powers, much like mutants in the X-Men series, Jane can create illusions of intense pain. Jane who is one vicious little character throughout New Moon, so much so she has other members of the Volturi who are triple her size frightened of her, would be a perfect fit for the teenage Fanning. Negotiations are back and forth now, so let's cross our fingers this one happens (I never thought I actually would be interested in Twilight news, but here I am).

What say you? Is Dakota Fanning perfect for the role of Jane or what? Do you care? Strikeback...