Thursday, January 22, 2009

Destro's Mask Revealed!

Lately comic book prequels to movies have been all the craze. It allows the directors/writers a chance to expand their films in a unique way that appeals to fans of comics and movies alike. "G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra" is no different, they have already set up the release of a series of 5 books through IDW Publishing that will be a pre-cursor to the movie releasing in July. The first issue will release in March and the second prequel issue will hit comic book and bookstore shelves in April, but I have a look at the cover for you courtesy of TNI.

The second issue will focus on Destro. More specifically an arms deal that Destro conducts in a most destructive manner. What's better is the cover to the second G.I. Joe prequel comic features Destro's mask! So far we have not seen any images of Destro with the mask on, which has troubled some die hard Joe fans, but luckily this peak should quench your thirst for a bit, till we get something more. Checkout the comic cover below.

What say you? Are you interest in seeing "G.I. JOE Rise of the Cobra"? Does the look of Destro's mask appealing? Will we get an origin of the mask in the film or comics? Will you be reading the comics? Strikeback...