Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Undead Nazi Scum Terrorize in Dead Snow

If their is one thing I love, it's horror movies in the snow. Something about the desolation of snow is such a perfect compliment to the horror genre. One thing I have grown a tad tired of, is zombie films. The genre has had an onslaught of dime a dozen films since the 80s and only once in a great while does a strong zombie film come along. Well today I have one that looks to be one of the good ones! Dead Snow is a Norwegian horror comedy directed by Tommy Wirkola, that focuses on Nazi zombies who aim their appietite for human flesh on a group of teenagers who are on vacationing at a ski resort. Yes! Nazi Zombies!

The film looks to have a similar feel to Shaun of Dead and looks to have some great kills mixed with perfect humor. Dead Snow has just been accepted to Sundance for 2009 and releases in Norwegia in January. No word yet, when we might see it in American cinemas, but I wouldn't bank on any time before summer. To get your anticipation flowing I have some production stills courtesy of Shock Till You Drop and the Norwegian trailer. The trailer is in Norwegian with no subtitles, but you get a great feeling about how much fun this film will be. Checkout the images and trailers below!

How bad ass does Dead Snow look? Will you be looking forward to this film? I thought Rob Zombie had a cool idea with Werewolf Women of the S.S., but Nazi Zombies definately out ranks Werewolfs! Strikeback...