Saturday, December 27, 2008

Review - Time Crimes

A middle aged man, by fate of circumstance stumbles his way into a time machine traveling back, one hour into the past. The ordinary man must now allow a series of unexplainable events unfold in order for his mirror image to return into the time machine in hopes to restore the unexpected occurrence.

Directed and written by Nacho Vigalondo, Time Crimes is a triumphet and mind-bending thriller that stands as a testament to time travel films. Vigalondo weaves a wonderfully suspenseful tale that both perplexes and astonishes the mind with it's intricate and rapidly unfolding plot. The film has a quick pace that keeps the viewer and the characters questioning just what will happen next, leading up to a utterly satisfying finale. The small cast of actors helps to set the overall disoriented tone that Vigalondo masterfully created in his original story.

Vigalondo's story is stunning and offers a confounding plot that both titilates and confuses while remaining completely intriguing. The time travel events as they unfold, tease the brain with the complexity, while remaining absolutely thrilling. Each layer to the story, creates another web of events, that all come together in stirring fashion. Vigalondo uses a fluid motion with the storytelling in Time Crimes labyrinthine plot, that helps the viewer to discover along with Hector, just what has and must transpire from the result of the time traveling. Nacho Vigalondo succeeded in creating an intelligent scifi thriller that is both suspenseful and captivating through a intricate plot and outstanding character devlopment in the lead character Hector.

Karra Elejalde is captivating as Hector, the ordinary male who finds himself stuck in the middle of a time travel continuum. Elejalde's steady transformation in the role(s) compells the viewer with his character's plight and confusion of the puzzling time travel scenario. It is Elejalde's development in the character that drives Time Crimes. His judgement and actions helps unfold the entangled plot with percision and realism of a bewildered but stedfast man who is faced with a most unexplainable occurrence.

Time Crimes is an outstanding scifi thriller which has a brilliant script matched with invigorating execution on screen. The 88 minute film develops in mysterious fashion, deconstructing the unfathomable story by creating caution and chills around each developing subplot. By the finale, Times Crimes leaves the viewer mesmorized and astonished from the events that have materialized because of Hectors actions. In conclusion, Time Crimes as apart of Magnet's Six Shooter Film Series, is highly recommended and worth seeing if you are lucky enough to find it.