Tuesday, December 2, 2008

McKidd Hopeful About Thor!

Thor has the potential to be a huge blockbuster that adds a whole new layer to comic book films or could vastly suck! The jury is still definately out. The recent news that Kenneth Branagh is directing definately ups the ainte, but the "star" of Thor is a huge piece to the film doing well. One name that has been thrown around for some time now is Kevin McKidd and he spoke with IGN at the recent Punisher: War Zone premiere party about the possibility of starring in the Marvel film.

Eventhough McKidd was cornered on the topic of starring as Thor, he remained pretty mum on the subject. The actor did confirm that he is infact up for the role of Thor and not Loki which had been speculated prior. He said that he is very excited about the possible project, especially now that Branagh is attached as the director. McKidd did however say that it is still just premilinary talk. McKidd said, "a lot of back and forth." He added that he wasn't sure when anything official would be revealed.

Kevin McKidd, is a perfect choice for Thor. While McKidd may not be a huge name here in the US, he is a big star in the UK, and has all the potenial to blow us away in Thor. When you add the fact that he would be under the direction of Branagh, it really becomes mouth-watering. Kevin was amazing in HBO's "Rome" and was the saving grace in NBC's cancelled "Journeyman." Kevin McKidd is the best potential actor that can fill the role and deliver with a serious comic film that does justice to Thor, while also appealing to general movie audiences. Furthermore, McKidd is a perfect compliment to Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton, his would-be potential co-stars in "The Avengers." The idea of those three sharing the screen definately hightens the anticipation of The Avengers.

Your thoughts on McKidd as Thor? Do you want to see a Thor film? Should Thor be based in Asgard (Thor's home world for those of you that are clueless) or should it be in the modern world? Strikeback....