Friday, December 19, 2008

Marvelous Iron Man 2 Scoop

Rumormill has been in overkill with superhero castings of late, the pendulum has been primarily resting on Batman. This news, however will shift the speculating entirely over into Marvel's world and Iron Man. Latino Review has exclusive scoop that reports both Hawkeye and Black Widow will be featured in Iron Man 2! That is not all, it appears Tim Robbins will be cast as Howard Stark (Tony's father) in the sequel for a flashback scene that will setup both The Avengers and Captain America films.

If Robbins ends up playing Howard Stark, it is a strong move by Favreau to continue his streak of quality actors in the films. Howard Stark was a wise inventor just like his son, who worked on various government projects during Word War II and after including The Manhattan Project. Stark also created Arsenals, which were robot droids that were to be awaken if the U.S. went to a Cold War. During World War II, Howard Stark was targeted by the Red Skull and later joined the V-Battalion, which sought to maintain World peace. Howard Stark developed Stark Industries which his son Tony, later becomes the C.E.O. It is very possible that Favreau and his development team have the Howard Stark flashback apart of Captain America's creation in Iron Man 2.

Jon Favreau looks to definately shaping up for The Avengers with the addition of Hawkeye and Black Widow to Iron Man 2. The addition of Hawkeye and Black Widow will add a nice story arc for Iron Man 2 to spin in the background while setting up further storylines with The Avengers. Here's a little bit of background on the two for those of you that didn't grow up addicted to comics. Clint Barton, orphaned as a child joins the circus and is trained in the use of a bow and arrow. Years later, he see's Iron Man in action and is inspired to dawn the identity of Hawkeye. In his first attempts as a masked hero, he is mistaken for a criminal and must go on the run. While on the run from the law, Hawkeye meets a super Russian spy Black Widow, whom he falls in love with. Black Widow uses Hawkeye's love-blinded infatuation to trick him to help her steal vital technology developed by Stark Industries. After repeated failed attempts and constant on slaught from Iron Man the two flee, with Black Widow dangerously injured and Hawkeye wanting to become a hero instead of what he had become. Hawkeye later applies to be apart of The Avengers and is accepted by Captain America. Black Widow has teetered the line between good and bad for years and is a usually posed at Hawkeye's side.

With the announcement of Hawkeye and Black Widow in Iron Man 2, the speculation of just who will play them, can now begin. Matthew Fox or Sam Worthington would be a perfect fit for Hawkeye. As for Black Widow, Malin Akerman fresh out of her Silk Spectre costume from Watchmen would fill the role nicely, but an impressive move would be landing Kate Beckingsale. She would be the perfect Black Widow hands down!

What do think of a Howard Stark flashback? Is Robbins the guy to play him? How about Hawkeye and Black Widow apart of Iron Man 2? Does this mean Hawkeye will be a member of The Avengers for the upcoming movie? Who would you have play Hawkeye and Black Widow?