Friday, December 19, 2008

Hornet Director Needed Again

The Green Hornet has been trying to get off the ground for quite some time now with various actors and directors attached. For a long time, Kevin Smith was leading the cause to direct the film, but that eventually fell by the wayside. At one point the film was also being targeted as a George Clooney vehicle. It seemed that every time The Green Hornet felt close to a shooting date, something would happen. More recently, Seth Rogen announced he would be creating a Green Hornet film alongside Evan Goldberg with Rogen set to star as the lead. In a perfect addition back in September, Rogen landed Kung Fu Hustle's director/actor Stephen Chow, to both star and direct The Green Hornet. Unfortunately that too, has hit a snag.

Variety reports that because of "creative differences," Stephen Chow will step down as director for The Green Hornet. Chow who also directed Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle will however, remain in the role of Kato for the film. Producer Neal Moritz and Columbia Pictures are currently trying to acquire a new director and hope to keep the picture on track for a spring start date. They anticipate a director hired by the end of the year.

Just what does creative differences mean? It really could mean just about anything. Speculation would lead me to believe the "differences" weren't between Rogen and Chow. Why would Chow be staying on as Kato, if he and Rogen were going at it? More than likely the studio and Chow had the "differences," but again that could be just about anything in the production stages. Just how much of a comedic take and/or serious take of The Green Hornet will the film in fact end up being, still remains to be seen.

What say you? Does Chow dropping out of directing The Green Hornet change your anticipation? Who should replace him? Strikeback...