Friday, December 26, 2008

Cera & Beyonce on Gilligan's Island?

We haven't seen as many adaptations of television shows into film as much as we did in the 90's, but a father/son duo Sherwood and Lloyd Schwartz have signed a deal to bring "Gilligan's Island" to the big screen. Not only have they signed a deal but Movie Web is reporting that they are persuing Michael Cera to play the lead Gilligan and Beyonce Knowles as the sultry Ginger!

Gilligan's Island was a phenominally successful television series, but like most tv show to film adaptations, this one could be terrible. For those of you who have never seen it, the show followed 7 people who went on a 3 hour tour and ended up marooned on a deserted island. Gilligan's Island had one of the most recgonizable themes of its era and featured the Skipper, Gilligan, The Professor, Thurston Howell III and his wife, Mrs. Howell and last but certainly not least the two ladies stuck on the island, Ginger and Mary-Anne. Eventhough I loved the show as a kid, an adaptation to film, just sounds like a bad idea with or without Michael Cera.

Landing Michael Cera as Gilligan would be a huge bonus for the film, but even then, I am not so sure he'd be right for the role. Certainly Cera looks the part, but he is not a bumbling idiot like Gilligan was. Having Cera play a moronic Gilligan just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for such a highly witty actor. I really dont want him to lower himself to Jerry Lewis theatrics. Michael Cera has yet to comment about the role. Beyonce also looks the part, but she is a terrible actress! Ginger was the Movie Star, so I guess they would change that to Pop Star, but outside of eye candy Beyonce also just sounds out of place.

What say you? Are you down for a Gilligan's Island movie? George Clooney would be a lock as the Professor as would James Gandolfini as the Skipper. Anne Hathaway could make a very cute Mary-Anne. Who would you cast? Strikeback...