Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Crow Minus the Goth

It is tiresome to ritually explaining that remakes have two purposes. One, to present a film in a new light, that will appeal to a new generation. Two, to improve upon a film that was lacking in some form. The most current remake announced needs neither, but still Hollywood is jamming another one down our throats. The famed underground comic and 1994 cult film The Crow, is next to recieve the remake treatment.

Before I give further disappointment to fans of The Crow, it is necessary to stress that Alex Proyas' original film needs no remake. It its further a slap in the face to blatantly cherry pick from a catalog of films that could possibly be remade based off previous success, instead of promoting original thought. It is extremely hard to believe that there are that few fresh ideas out there, but instead a deadlock of studios who are afraid to take risks with original ideas vs. rehashed. The original Crow was a vivid story that was both visually stunning and brutally violent. The late Brandon Lee, who died during an accident shooting the film, was perfect as the Crow and stands the test of time with his performance. The Crow captured the essence of the comic and grabbed a generation of youth who went on to make it a cult favorite. It is sad to say that The Crow will be remade and more so, the news just get's worse.

Variety reports that Stephen Norrington has signed on to both write and direct a remake of "The Crow." Norrington who directed the original Blade film, has been out of directing since he hit rock bottom with his disaster of a comic adaption, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Rightly so, Blade was a great film, but his second comic book film would have driven anyone into hiding. Shit, Sean Connery has yet to return to acting since LXG (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's lame abbreviation), so I am not surprised. Besides, it's not like were talking about Martin Scorsese remaking Infernal Affairs into the mega-hit The Departed. Why on earth though, is Norrington choosing The Crow as his comeback film? Doesn't he realize how much scrutiny he will be under from it's fanbase? Just seems like a real nonsensical idea for a comeback. Try something that would not have a magnifying glass on it perhaps.

The kicker comes in Norrington's take on The Crow. He intends to rape the Crow of his dark and gothic nature. Yes, it doesn't make any freaking sense, but the director was quoted to the claim. He told Variety, “Whereas Proyas’ original was gloriously gothic and stylized, the new movie will be realistic, hard-edged and mysterious, almost documentary-style.” I think my gag reflex is kicking in. WTF, is this guy thinking? Norrington's take just seems like one big setup for failure, and fail I hope he does, miserably!

Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity Media is negotiating with producer Ed Pressman to acquire the film franchise and finance the film. Jeff Most weighed in with Clint over at Movie Hole about the hiring of Stephen Norrington and the remake of The Crow. He said, "Stephen's a great and talented guy. He's an incredible stylistic visionary as a director and he totally gets comic book worlds and how to make them work on film. I'm certain that Stephen will do an amazing job with "The Crow" remake." Did Most miss LXG? Again, I hope for failure to the remake of a beloved film that is tribute to the life of Branden Lee.

What say you. Are you interested in a Crow remake? Can you imagine the film minus the gothic image? Wasn't that one of the big fan appeals? Will Norrington sans the rock persona also? Is a fanboy boycott a foot? Strikeback...