Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Worst Wonder Woman Idea!!

Wonder Woman is a popular DC character that just seems a real tough sale to get into production. For years now rumors have flown around about various actresses and screen writers attached, but nothing solid has ever came of any of them. This week we have another to add to the bunch of debunked Wonder Woman rumors and this one takes the cake!

Click the fake poster for higher resolution

Some idiot actually thought Megan Fox would make a good Wonder Woman! Seriously? Do you actually think Fox can even carry more than 15 minutes of screentime? She is not much of an actress, more so a piece of flesh that will put 13 to 50 year old horny males in the cinemas. I think Megan Fox works perfect as just eye candy, but in a lead role as a superhero? No way!! Furthermore, Wonder Woman? She is tall, voluptuous, and most importantly strong! Megan Fox is a frail hollywood type, that isn't the slightest bit tall or voluptuous. She seriously would be the worst choice possible for the role of Wonder Woman. Unless, we all want to see Elecktra 2? Fox looks like someone needs to feed her, the weight she is in this fake poster alone, any villain could potentially knock her over with one finger. Megan Fox as Wonder Woman, what a nightmare!

Who would you cast as Wonder Woman? Is Megan Fox more than a pretty face? Could she carry a superhero film? Strikeback....