Saturday, November 15, 2008

Newest Watchmen Trailer!!

The Watchemn clock is ticking towards a release date and I couldn't be more happy for the release of one of the greatest comic books of all time. The Watchmen has been a yearly read for me since I was in college and to finally see a faithful adaptation coming to the bigscreen from a worthy director is a dream come true. What Zack Synder has seemed to have accomplished with the film is breathtaking and the newest trailer finally closes the wonder of how well Synder will handle the development of the epic story. It was no secret that Synder has a comic vision and from the first trailer it was clear that he had nailed the look of the comic. The first trailer, which was attached to WB's The Dark Knight relied heavily on look rather than sustenance. Here in the newest trailer, the viewer is given far more development of the characters and plot. The Watchmen looks to be oustanding, so scroll down to see the latest trailer.

Thoughts on the newest Watchmen trailer? How amazing does this movie look? Have you read the comic? definately pick up a copy before you watch the film!