Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Bad Asses Join Stallone's The Expendables

Slyvester Stallone has rejuvenated his acting/directing career with both Rocky Balboa and Rambo. From the success of those two hits, Stallone signed a two picture deal with Nu Image/Millennium Films. The first of the two has just added some serious action talent to the cast. Both Jason Statham and Jet Li have joined the cast of the original story written by Stallone, "The Expendables." Stallone talking of his partnership with Nu Image/Millennium said, "Making films with Nu Image/Millennium gives me as the director the opportunity to make the films I envision. I am happy to be partnering with them again and am looking forward to working with Jason and Jet."

THR reports The film will be directed by Stallone who will also star alongside Statham and Li as a group of mercenaries who are sent to do a job that no one else will do, thus dubbing them "Expendable," in which they will infiltrate a South American country in order to overthrow its brutal dictator and help liberate the population.

The idea of Stallone, Statham and Li together as mercenaries is very titilating! The amount of ass-kicking this trio will deliver is sure to be a fun ride regardless of the content of the script. All three of these highly ranked action stars can on their own bring in a blockbuster weekend, but with the three of them together, Nu Image/Millennium has a sure hit on their hands.

How cool is the idea of Stallone, Statham and Li under the direction of Sly himself sound? Is it possible this film will be heavier in body count count than Rambo?