Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stop Stirring the Wonder Woman Pot!

Recently the web has had some momentum in the wave of Wonder Woman news. In the last few weeks we have seen fanmade poster, singer/actress throw themselves in the running, and even a possible director named to helm the franchise. My big question is why? Would a stand-alone Wonder Woman film be that big of a draw? Does someone actually think a invisble plane would look cool in our local theaters? Can you see women across the U.S. lining up to see Wonder Woman? My answer is, No!

The DC/WB property first recieved some buzz by a fanmade teaser poster of Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. Most of the web community agreed that it was possibly one of the worst casting ideas and more so, some teenage pervert who'd like to see Fox running around in the Wonder outfit. Megan Fox would be a insanely terrible idea as Wonder Woman. Namely, she can't carry a scene, nor does she even remotely look the part!

Next came word that Beyonce would like a shot at playing the DC female superhero. The singer/actress, I guess you can call her an actress, spoke with the LA Times about how she'd like a shot at Wonder Woman. "I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It's time for that, right?" I have no problem with a black wonder woman, but Beyonce? What kind of crack does Jay-Z have her smoking? Beyonce certainly looks the part of the Amazonian princess, but like my wife said, "Foxy Cleopatra is gonna play Wonder Woman?...No way, That sucks!" Furthermore, just because Beyonce says she'd like to play the iconic charcater doesn't mean the studio should really consider the nonsensical idea. Do we really need the singer of 'Bootylicious' playing Wonder Woman?

Then over the weekend came more news surrounding Wonder Woman from a source at WB. The sorce tells IESB that McG is in talks to helm the Wonder Woman film. Is this news suppose to be earth shaking? Realisticaly the jury is still very much out on McG and his talent as a director. Sure "Terminator Salvation" looks great, but we are still months away from knowing if that is indeed the case. All we have to really base this news off of is the guy who directed Charlie's Angels is gonna direct Wonder Woman. Like the rest of the Wonder Woman news, McG directing Wonder Woman is very uninspiring!

So to the real question, why continue flirting with disaster with the Wonder Woman property? Leave her alone until you can land a phenominal director with a oscar caliber writting staff and most importantly a real leading lady that can fill the Wonder Woman persona, costume and can actually act! McG has not proven to be a blockbuster director yet and Beyonce is not the caliber actress to carry the superhero character. Wonder Woman herself has always been a bit boring anyways, I dont see the need for her to have a stand alone film. Tie her into another major DC superhero film. She could pop her head up in Green Lantern, someone could write her into the next Superman film. If DC/WB want to introduce her character, she would be better fit, being a secondary character in another hero's film. Just how FOX introduced Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four sequel. DC/WB could also just wait for the much talked of Justice League movie for Wonder Woman. It is very doubtful that without a perfect director and actress, Wonder Woman will nose dive at the box office and fall into the category of Elektra and Ghost Rider.

What are your thoughts for the DC female superhero? Does Beyonce make sence? Does McG make you excited for a Wonder Woman film? Should Wonder Woman have her own film or just be a secondary character? Strikeback....