Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review - Special

A lonely middle aged metermaid begins a expiremental treatment for a anti-depressant drug study. Les begins to have some alarming side effects from the drug Specloprin Hydrochloride. The patient convinces himself that the drug has given him special abilities including being able to float, pass through walls, and read people's minds. Deciding to use his powers for good, Les begins a life as a superhero, but his psychotic reactions soon come full speed ahead at him raising the question of his created reality.

Special is a playful yet intriguing look into the psychotic episodes of a depressed man agreeing to a expiremental drug study. Directors Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore thrive in their storytelling, looking at both the hilarity and tragedy in the psychosis of the main character, Les. The spiralling mental capacity of Les has both moments of pure enjoyment matched with dramatic undertones that add a unexpected level of depth to Special. Special at only 81 minutes, moves along very quickly and never lends too much time to any particular scene, but the film rewards the viewer with the creative and pleasing character and story.

Michael Rapaport is flawless in his performance throughout Special as Les. Rapaport carries Special from beginning to end with emotions ranging from utter discontent to charming joviality. Rapaport's portrayal of the psychotic male believing he has obtained super powers is brillaint, both comically and dramatically. His mental breakdown as the film progresses, furthermore really shows the viewer Rapaport's marvelous range as a actor.

The hallucinations or psychotic epsiodes that Les has throughout Special come across as the highlights of the film. Each time Les believes he has gained a new power, the viewer gets to see both what Les believes is happening, and what is actually happening. These scenes provide intoxicating amusement and really deliver the overall satisfaction to Special. Rapaport furthermore, does an outstanding job of blurring what is reality and what is a side-effect to the drug during the hallucinations segments that could eventually overtake Les' mind.

Special delivers with a powerful and energentic performance from Michael Rapaport while producing a unique take on a superhero tale that subdues with maximized laughing inducing moments. The film shines in the development and breakdown of Les's psychosis and adds further enjoyment with its story development leading up to the crashing climax. Special releases November 21st in limited release and is well worth seeking out for an enjoyable and quarky film that looks at the normalcy of being special.