Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sho'Nuff for Jackson!!

One of my favorite movies as a kid was "The Last Dragon," it would be on KTLA almost every weekend and I would never miss it. I remember going to the video store, renting a VHS player and renting the movie, it was one of the films I would rent religiously! News came a couple days back, that Columbia Pictures will be remaking the 1985 cult classic! The remake will follow the original storyline. Jon Davis and Kerry Gordy (Son of original director Berry Gordy) are producing alongside the Wu-Tang Clan's Rza who is co-producing. Dallas Jackson is currently working of the script while also producing the film.

The news gets better too! THR reports that none other than the "Bad Motherfucker" himself will play Sho'Nuff! I couldn't think of anyone better who could fill the shoes and glasses of Sho'nuff than Sam Jackson! He is a perfect match and better yet, Jackson is also a huge fan of the Berry Gordy classic. "I'm a huge fan of the original and look forward to bringing Sho'Nuff into the 21st century," Jackson hyped. I can't wait to hear Jackson say, "Kindly kiss the Converse!"

If you are clueless and never seen the 1985 cult classic the story follows Leroy Green. A martial arts student who works for his parents in a Harlem pizzaria and aspires of becoming the greatest martial arts expert like his idol Bruce Lee. Throughout the film, Leroy is teased and dubbed "Bruce Leroy" because of his idolism of Bruce Lee. Leroy wants to obtain the Final Level in his training, in which he obtains "The Glow." Leroy fights to protect his parents pizziaria, his younger brother and his love intrest from Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem and his gang.

Thoughts on a remake for The Last Dragon? Have you seen the original? Sam Jackson is perfect for Sho'Nuff! Strikeback....