Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Positive News for 28 Franchise!

28 Days Later was a outstanding piece of cinema and a awesome addition to the zombie genre. The second film in the franchise 28 Weeks Later was a worthy effort and did a good job of trying to match the original. The original however does stand firmly above it. Rumors have been up and down all over the web, with directors and writers attached and un-attached to a second sequel to Danny Boyle's masterpiece. It now appears that the third film in the 28 franchise may have some life in it afterall. The creator of the series told reporters that there will possibly be a third film, but better yet, he may also direct it!

Danny Boyle told reporters while doing press for his latest film "Slumdog Millionaire" that he has an idea for the third film, but still needs to write it. "There is an idea for a third part, but I haven't really done enough about it yet," Boyle said. Adding to the idea of a third film Boyle said, "But I've got an idea for it, so I can't really tell you any more than that at the moment, but hopefully that might happen." He then continued to chat about the opportunity of returning as the director. "I'd certainly like to, I feel the idea is quite a strong idea, and it could well involve directing it. Yeah, absolutely," added Boyle.

It is no secret that having Danny Boyle return to the franchise only makes a third film sound worthwhile. While the sequel was good, if all the viewer would get is a lesser version of the ifrst two, then I'd say pass! With Danny Boyle returning to possibly write and direct, that changes everything! Boyle is a phenominal director and I would love for him to return to the franchise at the helm.

What are your thoughts on another 28? Have you had enough of the Rage virus? With Danny Boyle returning does that change things?