Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pegg & Frost Hit the Road in Paul

Hilarious comedian Simon Pegg and his long-time associate Nick Frost are lining up their next project with Superbad director Greg Mottola called "Paul." The duo penned the script and intend to begin shooting in March of 2009. Edgar Wright who has directed the two of the "blood & ice cream" trilogy films(the third film is titled "The World's End" and is still in pre-production stages) will serve as executive producer for the film.

Variety reports The film will revolve around Pegg and Frost two British slackers, who after attending Comic Con decide to head on a road trip to Area 51. While the two are at the notorious Area 51 they encounter a alien named Paul. The small alien, in true E.T. fashion, enlists the help of Pegg and Frost to find his way home.

The entire concept behind "Paul" sounds like a riot. For one, considering Pegg and Frost are at the helm, who both have been known to have a great time at Comic Con. The only downside to the idea comes that the film is scheduled to shoot in March, meaning the duo will not be filming on location at the real Comic Con in 2009. Instead, they will most likely create a make-shift Comic Con. Although I think it could be pretty hard to reconstruct the massive crowds that maxed 125,000 people at this years Comic Con in San Diego. The E.T. meets Road Trip storyline also sounds like a romping good time from the duo that brought us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Pegg and Frost are always perfect together on screen and here in Paul nothing looks to be different.

What are your thoughts on Paul? Does the concept intrigue you? How cool would it be to be an extra during the Comic Con scenes of Paul? Strikeback....