Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chuck Creator to Pen X-Men: First Class

As I had reported back in July, Fox is moving forward with "X-Men: First Class," well this week comes news that the studio behind the previous 3 X-Men films has hired Josh Schwartz writer/producer of the O.C., Gossip Girl and Chuck to pen a draft for the film. Variety reports that Scharwtz has an option to direct the film pending the script. This news all but confirms that Fox is intending to go with a younger cast and restart the X-Men franchise with "X-Men: First Class." Fox had been teetering both ways since July but with the creator of 3 hit teen and twenty something shows on board, no doubt the studio is moving forward with the notion of a younger cast. Hallelujah!!

Not being a fan of any of the three shows Josh Schwartz has created, I can't say I am too excited, but regardless a fresh reboot to X-Men is good thing. Rattner soiled X-Men franchise with "Last Stand" but to go with a great inspiration such as X-Men: First Class is a real big step in the right direction. Scharwtz also brings an energy to the franchise that it could definately benefit from. The original X-Men: First Class comics were a 8 issue run that featured Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman and Angel all in their formative years at Xaiver School for the Gifted.

Now this does give Fox a chance to bring back Professor Xavier, but it remains to be seen if Fox will stick with the original 8 issue comics characters or bring in a new array of mutants. Sticking the with books original 5 members seems like the best choice. Although Fox would definately have to recast Jean Grey/Marvel Girl, Beast and Cyclops. However Iceman and Angel from X-Men: Last Stand could definately return. Both Ben Foster and Shawn Ashmore are young enough and both are strong enough actors that could fill the roles nicely. Foster is actually a very talented actor and would be awesome to see back as Angel. It remains to be seen just how Schwartz will develop X-Men: First Class, but the wheels are turning. More news at it develops.

Thoughts on Josh Schwartz writting and possibly directing a new X-Men film? Which X-Men characters should be in First Class? Should the film remain loyal to the book? Strikeback....