Sunday, November 2, 2008

Joaquin Phoenix Done Acting!

Famed thespain and Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix has confirmed that his next film, "Two Lovers" will be his final feature film. THR reports the actor has decided to persue a career in music based on his growing passion for the art.

Phoenix's publicist, Susan Patricola added, "He has said that 'Two Lovers' is his last. But this is not strange. Joaquin has been directing music videos and been involved in music for the last number of years." Phoenix learned to play guitar to play Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line" and has now decided that music is where his heart is for now. No word if Phoenix will return to the cinema after some time off. Let's hope it is sooner rather than later, because it would be sad to think both Phoenix brothers will never grace the big screen again.

What are your thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix's retirement? What was Phoenix's best performance? Will you be seeing Two Lovers now that it is his last feature film for the for see able future?