Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heavy Metal Back in Development at Paramount

Heavy Metal development has heated up again and it appears that Paramount will be heading the project. Heavy Metal has been a comic book/magazine since the 1970s and has spawned a feature film in 1981. Kevin Eastman the publisher of the magazine has updated the newest films status through his blog and has recently posted that some major ground has been announced for the development of the film. Eastman announces that along with Gore Verbinski and David Fincher, Zack Synder will be directing a segment in the upcoming Heavy Metal film. Eastman adds that there is more on the directors front, but that he will leave that for later on. Eastman does not say when exactly production will begin on the animated film, but that it will definately feature four or five segments, meaning there is definately more to come for the two un-named directors.

Heavy Metal is centered around scifi and fantasy stories that are heavy in ultra violence and sex appeal. Eastman has also added that the second animated feature, will like the original, feature a "R" rating. With that said, the prospect of what Verbinski, Fincher and Synder can do with each of their segments is mouth watering. Each of these potenial directors excel in fantasy and should bring a phenominal vision to the Heavy Metal history.

Thoughts on Verbinsky, Fincher and Synder directing segments in the new Heavy Metal film. Have you seen the 1981 animated movie? Should the film be cgi animation or possibly motion capture animation? Strikeback...