Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hamilton Teases a Salvation Appearence!

It has been rumored that Linda Hamilton may make a small cameo in the new McG Terminator Salvation in a flashback scene. Well to add to the rumor or intice it, depending on how you view the insight, Hamilton recently told a rabid fan "We'll See" when asked if she would in fact be in the new film.

If Hamilton were to be in a flashback that would be cool, but it certainly doesn't make the film any better or worse. It certainly is cool to think of the prospects of both Arnie and her reprising their roles, but in all truth, it wont change my opinion of how good it already looks without them being mentioned. McG looks to have nailed the vibe and imaging of Terminator and I can't wait for the film to hit the screens.

What are your thoughts on Linda Hamilton having a cameo in Terminator Salvation? Does it matter if she is in it? Strikeback....