Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get Ready for Another 30 Days of Night!

30 Days of Night was a great vampire film. Awesome look, badass action, excessive bloodshed. What more could a vamp fan ask for? The graphic novels are also equally good and it seems I am not the only person who feels the same way. Mandate Pictures is developing a sequel to the Columbia Pictures film. Bloody Distgusting who are hanging out at AFM, have gotten exclusive word that Steve Niles and Ben Ketai are currently penning the script. Steve Niles of course wrote the original graphic novels and the screenplay for the first film.

That's not all I got for yah, it appears there is already a basic synopsis for the sequel to 30 Days of Night. In it, after the events that conspired at Barrow, Stella pursue's the ravenous vampires trying to hunt them down and impose revenge on the blood-drinkers for the events that transpired in the small Alaskan town.

There were 12 sequels to 30 Days of Night graphic novel. Steve Niles wrote a number of the sequels, but there is one major difference in the story from the 30 Days of Night graphic novel and film. His name is Eben and the outcome of his character is completely different between the two. Regardless, with Steve Niles at the helm of the sequels it stands to reason that the film should kick just as much ass as the first film. Niles' work on the books was by far the best out of the series and his work on the first screenplay was stellar, so yeah conisder me pumped.

With Stella as the lead, one can only hope that Melissa George will return for the role. She was strong in the first film and to replace her would be a enormous slap in the face of the fans. Everybody hates when a character is replaced, especially when they were actually good! So cross your fingers Mandate can bring George back for the role of Stella in 30 Days of Night 2.

What do you think about a 30 Days of Night sequel? Have you read Steve Niles original sequel Return to Barrow? Will the film work without Hartnett at the lead?