Friday, November 7, 2008

Duo of Disney/Pixar Trailers!!

Disney and Pixar remain the elite animation studios in the business and what's better they are one in the same. In the past Disney and Pixar had the clear divisions, but more recently Disney has adopted to the cgi animated rather than the original disney style. "Bolt" and "UP" are perfect examples of how close Disney and Pixar have come with their animation. Remeber the days of Peter Pan and even later hits Oliver and Company of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King released not too far off from Toy Story, which Disney and Pixar then had a clear distinction. Now days Disney's stuff is no different from Pixar with titles likes Chicken Little, Meet the Robinson's and their newest title releasing this month, Bolt. None the less, both Bolt and UP look great and should be huge fun for the whole family. Both will be released in Digital 3D and in regular format. Checkout the trailers below....



Has Disney and Pixar just become seemless now? Where's the distinction between the two company's? Will you be rounding up the family for either of these two titles? Strikeback...