Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Insanely Cool T4 Concept Images!!!

Terminator Salvation is getting closer and closer and today I have some great new concept images that will be utilized in McG's newest film to add to the series. The 8 new images are absolutely stunning and gives the viewer a much more detailed look into McG's vision for the fourth film in the franchise. I also have a link to a video called The Art of Martin Lainge, who has put together a video of more of the concept art and explains some of the thought and look that went into the future of Terminator series.

Only one of the 8 images included in the io9 revealed concept art, is something we have seen in previous Terminator films. The first image is of the "Hunter Killer" which has been featured in Terminator and most of the sequels including popping up from time-to-time on The Sarah Conner Chronicles. The next 3 images feature a new terminator that calls water it's home. The "Hydrobot," the bot is featured in 3 different poses and the bot was also featured in the teaser trailer that was shown at Comic Con and later released to the web. Next comes 2 images of another new terminator, the "moto-terminator." These little badasses are ejected from the towering "Harvesters" that were also featured in the teaser. The next photo is of the 8 foot T-600. The difference in the T-600 from the previous images we have seen, is this one still has some skin and human clothes on. The final concept image is of the "Harvestor" which is enormus and gives a scale ration of the T-600 compared to the Harvestor.

A few of the images scream transformers, but overall these images only hightened my anticipation of Terminator Salvation. All of the new terminators are far more gritty and beefier than the T-800 or even more sleek T-1000. The Martin Lainge video reveals that there are 10 new terminators in Terminator Salvation. Alot of thought went into just how the post Judgement Day world would look and how these earlier versions of terminators were developed. The final looks seem to match the fact that the terminators have no need, at this point, to look human. They are large scale, however remain just as vicious as the T-800 and later models. Anyways checkout the images below....

Click any of the images for higher resolution

How badass are the concept images? Terminator Salvation is looking to be oustanding so far. We at least know Jonathan Nolan will have written an amazing script, look how good Dark Knight was. We also know Christian Bale will be the best John Conner that has been in any of the films. The question remains soley on McG and how well he does, but like I said from the looks of it, bad ass! Strikeback....