Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wonderland Finds it's Queens!!

Tim Burton is currently filming Alice in Wonderland for Disney and today we have two new ladies joining the cast. The director, in what most would say is not a shocker, has plucked his beautiful wife Helena Bonham Carter to play the Red Queen. This will make the sixth film the couple have done together. The other lady that Burton has picked up is Anne Hathaway! Hathaway will play the White Queen in the live-action/cgi film.

Some of you who have only seen the Disney version are thinking two queens, wtf? The White Queen is an ally to Alice in Carroll's book and is banished by the Red Queen, which we are all very familair with. The casting news is pretty damn good. Bonham Carter is no surprise, but Hathaway is a great choice and a perect actress, so my interest just picked up on this film.

My nerves with Alice in Wonderland is I am very afraid of more of the same from Burton. I have grown very tired of his normal schtick and pray for the day, he steps out of his box. To drive this home, Alice is perfect fit for more of the same from Burton and most are jumping for joy that the dark director has chosen to helm the project. I mean we got Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and a weird story for Burton. I have seen this before and I am definately hesitant about it. More than likely Burton will do an amazing job with Alice in Wonderland, but I remain skeptical.

Do you like these castings? What are your thoughts on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland? Anne Hathaway in White....Strikeback